Jan 102011

At a talk I gave the other night which included a reference to the hidden benefits of using a Car Share system, someone came up to tell me that they indeed use a Car Share system.  The cost to them for using the car runs about $150 a month (about the same for me, though it varies a lot).  That amount, they obtain by renting out their empty garage, vacant by virtue of no longer needing a car!  So in effect by renting their garage they pay for their travel!

Car Share systems tend to get deployed near public transport nodes.  If people live near a train station, bus stop or ferry terminal, they can commute to work during the week.  However for extra trips in the evening or week-ends or holidays, public transport fails to meet such needs as easily.  Hence the value of Car Share systems.  By ‘monetizing’ the garages at such locations, that extra need – of discretionary travel in evenings and weekends – can be ‘free’ if income from garage rental equals or exceeds the monthly cost of such car travel via a Car Share system.

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