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Jan 012011

With the New Year, I thought the time had arrived to articulate the many thoughts and reactions that the rough and tumble of life elicits from me. The time to share this has arrived.

I chose the title, Digging Wonder,  to reflect  a counter to a modern tendency to bury wonder.  I like to dig out pieces of wonder from within mundane settings.  Sharing the results of this on a wider scale might encourage others to follow suit.

I will have to post an explanation of what, for me,  is a superb engraving from a Venetian publisher of the 1500s,  Francesco Marcolino de Forli, showing “Truth is the daughter of Time“.  A kind of personal motto for me.

Earlier attempts at blogging failed, in part,  for wont of convenient tools. This time, WordPress has come to the rescue.   I can now even write into this blog directly from my iPhone – amazing!   Themes refer to ‘look and feel’ of these blogs. I am using the Suffusion theme.  It offers a myriad of configurations enabling very refined and nuanced layouts to emerge.  Of course, I have only started this one, so all the finesse of a Suffusion powered WordPress has yet to emerge.  In time, more refinements and content will follow, for instance, past papers languishing in physical folders will get put here.

Happy New Year, by the way.